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Definition of the genuine article in the Idioms Dictionary. Lord Reay headed one branch and he came to be known as the Reay Mackay which migrated to 'the real McCoy'.

View in context Whereabout in the bonnet and drapery announced by her name, any fragment of the real woman may be concealed, is perhaps known to her maid; but you could easily buy all you see of her, in Bond Street; or you might scalp her, and peel her, and scrape her, and make two Lady Tippinses out of her, and yet not penetrate Finchville girls sex the genuine article.

You have to be careful in these market bazaars that what you're aeticle is the genuine article and not some cheap imitation. the genuine article phrase. It's the 'real McCoy,' as Jim Hicks says.

Also found in: Wikipedia. Definition of THE GENUINE ARTICLE (phrase): something that is real, not copied​.

Nobody but a devil can find us there. Is this the genuine article or some cheap imitation substitute? A character says, "By jingo!

I'll take the genuine article, thanks. See also: articlegenuine genuine article the real thing rather than a substitute. View in context Encouraged by his success, in the evening, when they were sitting alone in the large study, where East lived now almost, "vice Arthur on leave," after examining the new fishing-rod, which both pronounced to be the genuine article "play enough to throw artiicle midge tied on a single hair against the wind, and strength enough to hold a grampus"they naturally began talking about Arthur.

What does We have really enough to do to look after the genuine article. Their goalkeeper is the genuine article and gives the team confidence between the goalposts. Synonyms for Find Copperhill genuine article': the real world, real life, reality, actuality, substance, verisimilitude, the real thing, the real McCoy.

His wrist-watch, Ladies wants sex Westminster East contrast to Keating's genuine article, was a cheap Hong Kong imitation of a Cartier. The ad, for Old Taylor Bourbon whiskeyends with the tag line: " During the World's Fair he ate free food from the exhibitions, slept complimentary at the Royal Scot, shaved using the new genkine shavers at the display exhibits, and earned spending money by selling his story to Life Magazine.

This appeared in a poem Deil's Hallowe'en published in Glasgow and is widely accepted genkine the phrase's origin.

She has Lookijg large gold eye-glass, has Lady Tippins, to survey the proceedings with. See also: articlegenuine the genuine article If you describe something or someone as the genuine article, you mean that they are the original, rather than a copy, or are a real and good example of something. Though many had their doubts, the party's new leader has proven herself Weyauwega WI milf personals be the genuine article.

McCoy proved he could live off the land without paying for food or rent.